Seafood tray

This plate is made of aluminum but also available in stainless steel and double wall stainless steel.

In aluminum the available sizes are (for the stainless steel or double wall, please contact us for the dimensions) :

(SEA12) Diameter 30cm x Height 5,7cm – 2,2 L (75oz)

(SEA14) Diameter 35cm x Height 5,7cm – 3,5 L (120oz)

(SEA16) Diameter 40cm x Height 5,7cm – 4,7 L (160oz)

(SEA18) Diameter 45cm x Height 5,7cm – 6 L (200oz)

(SEA20) Diameter 50cm x Height 5,7cm – 7,4 L (250oz)

Not dishwasher safe for the aluminum ones.

The rack is available in 2 sizes and sold separately:

Small- Diameter 19cm (Top part) & 24cm (Bottom part) x Height 10cm

Tall – Diameter 19cm (Top part) & 24cm (Bottom part) x Height 18,7cm

Collection: Divers