Vista Alegre


This Portuguese company, founded in 1824 in the town of Ìlhavo, is rapidly becoming one of Portugal’s finest. At first, Vista Alegre focused on the glass manufacturing and developed a porcelain production a few years later.

Working and precising its porcelain recipe with the help of one of the most prestigious French porcelain company : Sevres, Vista Alegre’s porcelain rapidly become a huge success et is rewarded several times.

In 1880, Vista Alegre’s leaders decides to focus on the porcelain production and discontinues their glass collections. In 2001, more than a century later, Vista Alegre revives the tradition of glass, in alliance with the Portuguese group Atlantis, now named the Vista Alegre Atlantis group.

Nowadays, this company offers a wide range of products for the “art de la table”: numerous porcelain products, glass and crystal and high quality cutlery.